Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bookseller Pricing FAIL!

This post shows you what happens when you don't do currency conversion properly.
The seller in question is themeirinca.
Notice the following item, found on, online seller to the Frozen North.

Okay. Nice fashion book. Probably a bunch of neat pictures. Not cheap, though.
Cheapest way to get one from  is direct from Amazon, at CDN$ 109.62.
Let's notice the below listing:

That's right, 17,697 Canadian smackeroos.
Or, for those of you wanting to convert into other currencies, I scooped some values from the Wolframalpha website, which I highly reccomend.

JPY | yen 1.492 million  (Japanese yen)
EUR | euro 11380  (euros)
GBP | sterling 10470  (British pounds)
CNY | yuan 114700  (Chinese yuan)
MXN | $ 222900  (Mexican pesos)

This raises the question of exactly how these guys got this currency conversion that far wrong.
Anyone who could work that out is either better at math than me or travels a lot more.
If you'd like to look at their feedback, it's here:
One wonders how long they'll stay in business with 67% positive feedback.

Feedback30 days90 days365 daysLifetime

That's all for now. Catch you guys later.

PS- Check out their price for the book with ISBN 1416024506, the 18th Ed of The Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.

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