Thursday, April 1, 2010

Better World Books Introduces Better Mars Books, Supports Literacy On Mars

From the press release, delivered to my email this morning:

Introducing Better Mars Books

Greetings, Earth Customers.  Take me to your Readers!

As you've no doubt noticed, there's big news afoot.  We're proud to announce our latest social venture, Better Mars Books.  In this economy, times are tough for all sentient book-lovers - that's why we have decided to bring our low prices and great social mission to the fourth rock from the sun.

Spreading Literacy to the Globe... and Beyond
Read Planet
As the first B Corporation to expand to interplanetary markets, we're reaching for the stars.  (Don't actually touch them.  Those things are hot.)  But the secret to that stellar success is our built-in social mission.  Sure, other online booksellers will break into the Martian Market sooner or later, but we're the only ones with a rock-solid commitment to Literacy.

That's why we've partnered up with Read Planet, our first extraterrestrial nonprofit literacy partner.  Fact: Nobody has a better track record with promoting literacy on Mars than Read Planet.

Bringing Some Green to the Red Planet

Environmentally sustainable business practices continue to be a staple of our plan.  Not only are we the first B Corp, but also the first company ever on Mars (that NASA is letting on to, anyway).  That's why we want to start off on a good foot and establish the importance of reusing first.  We have never thrown away a book on any planet, and we never will!