Monday, October 26, 2009 Packaging Fail

With this entry, I return to complaining about bad booksellers and leave bad books behind for a while.
When I order a book, I expect it to arrive in the condition it was advertised in.
When I bought the below book, I was assured by the seller's description that it was a new book.
It is true that I was sold a new book. It was in shrink wrap when mailed.
It is simultaneously true that I was sold a new book packaged in a fashion guaranteed to indent all eight corners and smash the edge of one of the hardcovers such that the book was no longer properly new when it got to me.
Notice the book being mailed in a box that would hold four such books, without a shred of packing peanuts, painter's paper or any variety of void fill.

Bad bookseller! No Cookie!

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  1. I received a comment which was an invitation from Bookbyte to call them and discuss my purchase. I didn't respond directly, since I don't really want to spend time on the phone with them. I will note, however, that if I had wanted to contact them before, I knew how to do so. If I wanted a refund, I'd have asked for one. The picture speaks for itself, and there isn't much else to say. If you'd like to share your response with the community, here, feel free.