Monday, April 1, 2013

Innovative Bookseller Better World Books Combines Labor Outsourcing With Book Donation

In the past I've reviewed Better World Books and some questions members of the bookselling community might have had about whether or not they... act like a business but pretend to be something else.
That question aside, they're doing something innovative and amazing to help folks get things done.
They have boxes you can use to donate books to them. The for-profit entity sells them, pays operating expenses, and a small percentage of the profits generated by selling the books goes to a charity. Last I checked, that charity was usually Books For Africa, but I haven't paid them that much attention recently.

Well, now you can put those donation boxes to work for more than creating jobs at Better World Books and giving folks in Africa stuff to read...

Here's a testimonial:

Tyrone S., Arizona
“In today’s day and age, who has time to walk their dog? So I hired a Drop Box for a full week. It just stood there. It doesn’t speak English, or at all. It’s a giant, inanimate green box.”"

but I haven't paid them t

Here's some ad copy promoting the product:
"As we continue to place book Drop Boxes around the country, we have come to realize the full potential of these marvelous constructions. 
Sure, they look nice.  Yes, they can hold approximately 800 books at a time.  And, of course, they attract well-read and environmentally-conscious consumers to every location that hosts one.  This is all common knowledge.  But they can be so much more!
So that’s why we are announcing our “Hire a Drop Box” program. You read that right—not rent. Hire.
Let us paint you a picture:
You’re heading to that company softball championship game. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and your star shortstop (let’s call her Christine From Quality Assurance) takes an injury. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can snag those line drives like Christine From Quality Assurance.
Or can they? Hire a Drop Box. Slap a glove and a hat on that thing. You may not have a star shortstop per se, but at least you won’t have to forfeit for not fielding enough players."

And, another testimonial:
Alice J., Ohio
“We needed a substitute teacher for a few days at the school where I work, so we tried a Drop Box. Guess what makes a great teacher? A human being. Not this thing, though. Who thought of this service? It makes very little sense.”

Alright, Bad Bookseller readers, get back to me with any reviews. Have these guys worked out for you in the past?
Looking forward to your feedback on this!

Bad Bookseller? No, Bad Authors, No Cookie!

Here's a post by  a bookseller on being a decent author and getting in with a local bookstore.
If you're a local author attempting to develop a decent fan base locally, this can be important.
I'd certainly read this article.
Here's how to piss off a bookseller:
". . . show up unannounced unless you’re bringing presents…and even then…expect to wait.
. . accuse me of being a bad bookseller because your book doesn’t sell because “You’re not trying hard enough!!!”…great way to end up in the sideroom and off the shelves. This happens to me about 10 times a year....
. . . hand me a pile of manuscript papers and ask me to read them this weekend...."

Here a link to the article:
Fountain Bookstore (Kelly’s) Rules for Making a Great Impression as a Writer in Our Bookstore

Here's the cookie that I'm not giving authors that ignore this good bookseller's guidelines:

In other news, a good friend of mine has launched an online store that focuses on:

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Link: Eastwick Eclectic

I'd appreciate anyone looking for fun girl stuff or wigs taking a look at the site. It's a cool site, and they feature some of the most honest product reviews on wigs you'll find anywhere.