Monday, April 1, 2013

Bad Bookseller? No, Bad Authors, No Cookie!

Here's a post by  a bookseller on being a decent author and getting in with a local bookstore.
If you're a local author attempting to develop a decent fan base locally, this can be important.
I'd certainly read this article.
Here's how to piss off a bookseller:
". . . show up unannounced unless you’re bringing presents…and even then…expect to wait.
. . accuse me of being a bad bookseller because your book doesn’t sell because “You’re not trying hard enough!!!”…great way to end up in the sideroom and off the shelves. This happens to me about 10 times a year....
. . . hand me a pile of manuscript papers and ask me to read them this weekend...."

Here a link to the article:
Fountain Bookstore (Kelly’s) Rules for Making a Great Impression as a Writer in Our Bookstore

Here's the cookie that I'm not giving authors that ignore this good bookseller's guidelines:

In other news, a good friend of mine has launched an online store that focuses on:

Fun girl stuff: music boxes, kitch, incense, wind chimes, rainbow makers, wigs & eyelashes, gag gifts, flasks, glassware, bath & body stuff, clocks, fair trade totes & handbags, fake tattoos, cats, fortune-tellers, self-help books, vitamins, owls, mannequins, celestial stuff, statuary, gardening, ultra-femme aprons, art, old fashioned toys, fancy things to put in your hair.

Link: Eastwick Eclectic

I'd appreciate anyone looking for fun girl stuff or wigs taking a look at the site. It's a cool site, and they feature some of the most honest product reviews on wigs you'll find anywhere.

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