Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad-Ass Comic Bookseller! Lots of cookies! Lots of Polymorphous Dog Adventure Time!

Today I'm sending a shout-out to an old friend with his own comics store.
Andy Neal of Chapel Hill Comics was mentioned today on the Bleedingcool forums for:
"A number of comics have run retailer variant covers, exclusive to one retailer who orders a whole bunch. It can be a fun promotional exercise, it raises publicity for the retailer, it guarantees hundreds more sales for the publisher, it can be a real win win. It can however be on the expensive side.

But when Andrew Neil, owner of Chapel Hill Comics in North Carolina offered to draw the cover to his retailer variant edition of Adventure Time #1 from Boom's kids line kaboom himself, well, that was a bit of a saving.

I understand that the success of Adventure Time is rather taken Boom! Studios by surprise a little, and it may well be their best selling book of the year, already.

Adventure Time #1 ships in February. This cover will only be available from Chapel Hill Comics..."

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Here's the obligatory cookie pic, showing lots of cookies!