Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spamming Author Alice Adamek "My Journey After Death" Book

My online bookstore email account got this bit of spam.
If I didn't sign up for notices of new publications from you or your publisher.... please don't send me ads for your book.
I can't be the only bookseller who has these feelings.
Here's the cookie you aren't getting!

Alice Adamek Shares Her Experiences on Crossing the Other Side

New book "My Journey After Death" recalls a woman's journey through hell
and how this most incredible near death experience change her life forever.

     Broomfield, Colo. (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Some people wait for death. Some people experience it unexpectedly. Others
force it, and most people, at one time or another; have contemplated what
happens after death. It is one of the great mysteries of life. But author
Alice Adamek's extraordinary encounter with death was highly remarkable.

"My Journey after Death" recalls Adamek's journey through hell and how this
most incredible near death experience change her life forever. On the day
she was rushed at a Virginia hospital after a massive heart attack, Alice
experienced a beautiful journey as she crosses over to the other side. When
she encountered a figure known as the grim reaper, she encountered a man
who was fair, beautiful, robust, and had rosy cheeks. The fear she
anticipated on meeting him someday was immediately dissipated. He held a
pair of scissors, not a sickle, and was not dressed in black.

On her journey through hell, Alice walked a thin line, with angels guiding
her along, knowing if she missed one step she would be gone forever. The
terrifying bubbling black oil with figures reaching out and calling to her
was a temptation she found not hard to resist. Her final destination was a
room that shimmered with oblique rays of beautiful lights shining down on
her. As the angels evaporated into the light, she was bewildered and she
asked the first of many questions. The answers were deeply moving, and it
changed her life forever.

Today, Alice is more contented than she have ever been. Her fear of death
is gone; her understanding of what it is all about has all been answered.
"My Journey after Death" will open the hearts and mind of readers on how to
make their lifelong lesson and journey on earth. It will appeal to those
who have been on the road of death and to everyone who has wondered about
life and death.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author

Alice Adamek was born Alice E. Lamphere in Mile City, Mont., on December
15, 1944. Alice was the first child of her mother and the fourth of her
father. Throughout her childhood, her family did not put down permanent
roots due to family businesses in many states. Her roots were wherever they
all hung their hats at the time. She had an exciting and fun childhood. Her
father was a bit of a joker and always saw the good side of everything and
in everybody. The closest she can get to describing her father in actions
and looks is Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. Her mother was a warm, loving, and
caring, gentle soul, but more strict than Dad. The mother of two adult
girls, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Alice, at the
time of this publication, now resides in Colorado. She still loves to see
what's over the hill, and that might be the reason she owned and operated a
courier service in Denver for fifteen years. She had other varied careers:
a training coordinator for an aerospace company, a manager of a clean room
for a computer company, and an owner of a beauty salon.

My Journey after Death * by Alice Adamek

Publication Date: January 22, 2014

Trade Paperback; $19.99; 135 pages; 978-1-4931-6320-5

Trade Hardback; $29.99; 135 pages; 978-1-4931-6321-2

e-book; $3.99; 978-1-4931-6322-9

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a
complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274
x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at
(812) 355-4079 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit To receive a free publishing guide, please call
(888) 795-4274.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Innovative Bookseller Better World Books Combines Labor Outsourcing With Book Donation

In the past I've reviewed Better World Books and some questions members of the bookselling community might have had about whether or not they... act like a business but pretend to be something else.
That question aside, they're doing something innovative and amazing to help folks get things done.
They have boxes you can use to donate books to them. The for-profit entity sells them, pays operating expenses, and a small percentage of the profits generated by selling the books goes to a charity. Last I checked, that charity was usually Books For Africa, but I haven't paid them that much attention recently.

Well, now you can put those donation boxes to work for more than creating jobs at Better World Books and giving folks in Africa stuff to read...

Here's a testimonial:

Tyrone S., Arizona
“In today’s day and age, who has time to walk their dog? So I hired a Drop Box for a full week. It just stood there. It doesn’t speak English, or at all. It’s a giant, inanimate green box.”"

but I haven't paid them t

Here's some ad copy promoting the product:
"As we continue to place book Drop Boxes around the country, we have come to realize the full potential of these marvelous constructions. 
Sure, they look nice.  Yes, they can hold approximately 800 books at a time.  And, of course, they attract well-read and environmentally-conscious consumers to every location that hosts one.  This is all common knowledge.  But they can be so much more!
So that’s why we are announcing our “Hire a Drop Box” program. You read that right—not rent. Hire.
Let us paint you a picture:
You’re heading to that company softball championship game. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and your star shortstop (let’s call her Christine From Quality Assurance) takes an injury. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can snag those line drives like Christine From Quality Assurance.
Or can they? Hire a Drop Box. Slap a glove and a hat on that thing. You may not have a star shortstop per se, but at least you won’t have to forfeit for not fielding enough players."

And, another testimonial:
Alice J., Ohio
“We needed a substitute teacher for a few days at the school where I work, so we tried a Drop Box. Guess what makes a great teacher? A human being. Not this thing, though. Who thought of this service? It makes very little sense.”

Alright, Bad Bookseller readers, get back to me with any reviews. Have these guys worked out for you in the past?
Looking forward to your feedback on this!

Bad Bookseller? No, Bad Authors, No Cookie!

Here's a post by  a bookseller on being a decent author and getting in with a local bookstore.
If you're a local author attempting to develop a decent fan base locally, this can be important.
I'd certainly read this article.
Here's how to piss off a bookseller:
". . . show up unannounced unless you’re bringing presents…and even then…expect to wait.
. . accuse me of being a bad bookseller because your book doesn’t sell because “You’re not trying hard enough!!!”…great way to end up in the sideroom and off the shelves. This happens to me about 10 times a year....
. . . hand me a pile of manuscript papers and ask me to read them this weekend...."

Here a link to the article:
Fountain Bookstore (Kelly’s) Rules for Making a Great Impression as a Writer in Our Bookstore

Here's the cookie that I'm not giving authors that ignore this good bookseller's guidelines:

In other news, a good friend of mine has launched an online store that focuses on:

Fun girl stuff: music boxes, kitch, incense, wind chimes, rainbow makers, wigs & eyelashes, gag gifts, flasks, glassware, bath & body stuff, clocks, fair trade totes & handbags, fake tattoos, cats, fortune-tellers, self-help books, vitamins, owls, mannequins, celestial stuff, statuary, gardening, ultra-femme aprons, art, old fashioned toys, fancy things to put in your hair.

Link: Eastwick Eclectic

I'd appreciate anyone looking for fun girl stuff or wigs taking a look at the site. It's a cool site, and they feature some of the most honest product reviews on wigs you'll find anywhere.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad-Ass Comic Bookseller! Lots of cookies! Lots of Polymorphous Dog Adventure Time!

Today I'm sending a shout-out to an old friend with his own comics store.
Andy Neal of Chapel Hill Comics was mentioned today on the Bleedingcool forums for:
"A number of comics have run retailer variant covers, exclusive to one retailer who orders a whole bunch. It can be a fun promotional exercise, it raises publicity for the retailer, it guarantees hundreds more sales for the publisher, it can be a real win win. It can however be on the expensive side.

But when Andrew Neil, owner of Chapel Hill Comics in North Carolina offered to draw the cover to his retailer variant edition of Adventure Time #1 from Boom's kids line kaboom himself, well, that was a bit of a saving.

I understand that the success of Adventure Time is rather taken Boom! Studios by surprise a little, and it may well be their best selling book of the year, already.

Adventure Time #1 ships in February. This cover will only be available from Chapel Hill Comics..."

For Original Story, Click Here

Here's the obligatory cookie pic, showing lots of cookies!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daily Deals, formerly DailyDeal USA: Meet A Spider

: The subject of this article is unrelated to, a Phoenix-based site that reminds one of Groupon.

Sometimes you see a pattern of behavior, and it lets you safely infer that certain unstated things are going on.
I have noticed a dealer selling a healthy number of textbooks, and at the same time having a low feedback count.
Normally large inventory counts come with commensurately large sales, especially in the textbook marketplace. When the kids are buying textbooks, they’re buying by the truckload.
There are a few explanations that are plausible. One is that this dealer is engaging in what is colloquially known as ‘spidering’.
Spidering is a polite term for finding an item on one online marketplace, let’s say, and then cross-listing that item as your own on another online marketplace, such as
When you spider, you use an app to find listings for a given item on one site and then note the price. Your app then marks up that item and places it for sale on the other.
I can’t say where they’re spidering from, but I believe DailyDeal USA is spidering for at least some of their listings.
One tell-tale of this behavior is feedback for lost books. The USPS’ rate of losing properly packaged books is well under 1 in 1000. If buyers are relating in feedback that the book is being lost by the post office, you’re probably looking at a spider. Note that I didn’t say “a buyer” in that last sentence, I said buyers in the plural. If you can find a ‘seller said book lost in mail’ on the first page, that’s highly suggestive. If you can find two, that’s very suggestive.

Let's look, shall we?
1 out of 5:"Never received item purchased. Seller replied after sending second email and said item was lost in mail. I do not believe that it was lost, but did receive money back."
Date: September 5, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Rachael H.

Hmmm. A second lost item on the first page of feedback:
2 out of 5:"Ordered on July 30th, estimated time I would receive product was August 22nd. Its September 4th today still no book!! As a student this lag in delivery time is VERY inconvenient. "
Date: September 4, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Sunnie Ayers

Interestingly, despite having USA in the name, they shipped from Germany:

5 out of 5:"The outside box was pretty battered but the contents were is perfect shape. The shipment came from Germany so some battering was to be expected. Came earlier than expected as well."
Date: September 3, 2011     Rated by Buyer: John Rogalsky

Another spider-sign is customers opening a package and discovering an invoice in the package with a lower purchase price on it than what they paid. This occurs when the spider orders a book from a lower-priced seller for shipment to a customer who has paid a higher price. 
In your example below, the spider charged $66.75 and paid $47.02. 
1 out of 5:"I was charged $65.75 for this order however when the book arrived the invoice indicated that the total order came to $47.02. When I confronted the seller with this, I was told "...the wrong invoice..." came with the order. Do you believe this???"
Date: September 2, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Richard Bond

On Amazon, you wind up getting paid 85% of the selling minus about $1.35 or so. 
So, in this case, our spider got $54.53 and then had to spend $47.02 to get the product for his customer.
I'll tell you what, if you told me my job was to order books online and that you'd pay me $7.51 each time I checked out, you'd have an employee for life! Not a bad deal from the spider's perspective.
In a few instances, they're accused of having cancelled an order and then having re-listed the same item again.
What people don't realize, of course, is that they didn't own the item to begin with; they sold the item to you, then the guy they tried to spider FROM was out of stock, so they cancelled on you. Their spider app doesn't know about the history of a given title, so it goes ahead and slaps it back up there the next time it runs.
Two feedback suggestive of this:
1 out of 5:"Seller cancelled order and sold for higher $.BEWARE!Seller canceled order per own convenience. Seller stated my book had been sold and said that the ones listed on the site were higher quality then the one I ordered. However the book ordered was Used-Like New and the other one they were selling was Used-Old. 1day later post my cancel, a book Used-Like New was posted for HIGHER $"
Date: August 30, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Christian G.

1 out of 5:"Had ordered the book they cancelled saying it was out of stock. Looked the book up again they (DailyDeal USA) had put the book back up for more money. Will never do business with DailyDeal USA."
Date: August 29, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Caleb Fisher

As I scroll down their feedback, I come to yet another 'lost in mail'. That pretty much cinches it, these folks are spiders:
1 out of 5:"I didn't receive my order and when I contacted the seller they responded that it must have been "lost in the mail". No tracking number was ever created and I suspect that my order never shipped. "
Date: August 25, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Ellyn P.

1 out of 5:"I ordered package on July 13, received an email informing me of its shipment July 18. August 4 I contacted Daily Deals to find out where my package was and was told to contact them if it wasn't there by the 19th. My package never arrived, I was told a refund would be posted and six days later, after contacting them again, was told that they didn't post it and I am still waiting. Bad Experience!"
Date: August 25, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Johnathon B.

Notice two of these, on the same day no less!
As an aside, on some forums this type of seller is referred to as a drop-shipper. 
While it's common usage online, the term more properly refers to a wholesale provider that fills orders placed by a retailer for direct-to-consumer shipment.
When applied to the online marketplace in transactions like this, DailyDeal USA isn't the drop-shipper; rather, all of the other sellers they order from are drop-shippers. 
Here's the final nail in the coffin:
4.7 stars over the past 12 months (669 ratings)See more information about this seller.
Showing 1 - 24 of 429,302 Results

Notice that they have 669 ratings with an inventory of 429,302 different products.
If you carried a physical inventory that large with sales that poor, you couldn't afford the rent.
And, their feedback:
DailyDeal USA 
Feedback Rating:
4.7 stars over the past 12 months (670 ratings)

Feedback30 days90 days365 daysLifetime

In and of itself, I don't think that spidering would make you a bad bookseller.
However, it seems that one thing frequently leads to another.
In this case, spidering results in unhappy customers, and 12% negative feedback. There's no excuse for that.

Bad Bookseller, DailyDeal USA! No Cookie!

[The cookie you're not getting today is for my favorite Sesame Street character, after The Count.]

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bad Touchpad Seller onSale aka MacMall! No Cookie!

Today our bad marketplace seller was selling the HP Touchpad. It isn't a book, but it does make a decent E-Book reader, especially if you are a fan of classic out-of-copyright literature.
For those that haven't been following things, Hewlett-Packard discontinued the Touchpad and decided to sell off its personal computer business, pretty much all on the same day.
As a result, the nice version of the Touchpad with 32 GB went from being a $600 device to being a $150 device.
This took it from being a moderately-priced gadget with an uncertain target market to being a really, really good deal in the mind of many consumers.
Well, apparently at least one seller decided to mark the device down to $150 on Amazon, make a whole bunch of sales and then cancel them. I'm not sure if they were welching on the good deal they gave people, or just had a blind guy that couldn't count doing inventory in the back room.
Here's their self-description on Amazon, proving they're big enough to know better:

About Seller
About onSale onSale is a brand of MacMall, the #1 Apple Direct Reseller in the US.  We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of PC Mall, Inc., established in 1987.  With annual sales of $1.13 billion, we are publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange  (NASDAQ: MALL).    onSale is dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We provide a standard of customer service you have come to expect from and its marketplace vendors.  onSale offers great deals and rapid response delivery on a wide selection of brand new notebooks, desktops, software, accessories and peripherals like storage, monitors, routers and more.   All products are fully backed by authorized manufacturer warranties.  We also offer low prices on manufacturer certified refurbished products.  onSale has achieved the highest level of technical certification and sales authorizations from the world's most important technology companies, including HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and many more.

Anyway, now they're at 80% negative for 30 days. Ouchy. That is just about 6000 negs in that period.
Bad not-a-Bookseller! No Cookies!
Here are the cookies you're not getting, onSale! Normally folks I roast on this blog are only shown the one cookie they're not getting, but I'm giving  these guys more than one to look at but not have. I guess they deserve it based on volume.

Take a look at onSale and their wrecked Amazon feedback:

Feedback Rating: 
3.7 stars over the past 12 months (20267 ratings)

Feedback30 days90 days365 daysLifetime

Recent Feedback:
See all feedback
1 out of 5: "Order was cancelled without any reason" 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: pei c.
1 out of 5: "Ordered within five minutes of TouchPad price going live. Not only was my order canceled FOUR DAYS later, but other people who ordered later still received the product. Ridiculous." 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Vincent L.
1 out of 5: "Canceled my item! " 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Ball3r900
1 out of 5: "No star" 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Ankur G.
1 out of 5: "You don't sell what you don't have in stock. Is it really that hard to figure that? Horrible company" 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: David R

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bad Boardgameseller On Ebay: Titan The Board Game

I am getting more and more disillusioned with Ebay.
A few months back, I was sold 3 board games listed as NEW. When I got them, one was new, and two had lengthy box cutter slits down the side.
Here's another one. 
This time, Ebay seller "cheapgeek" got me.
I ordered a copy of this fine board game, Titan, a reprint of an earlier Avalon Hill wargame from, IIRC, the 1980s.
Here's the Amazon catalog entry:

The listing for the unit cheapgeek sold me included the note "BRAND NEW, NEVER USED."

Additionally, the auction title read "

TITAN-Board Game,2 - 6 Players-NIB-S&H $9.18to10.95(US)

". NIB is board game speak for New In Box.

My first complaint is the packaging. It shipped inside of a USPS Priority Mail box, which would be okay, but the void fill used appeared to be shredded paper, shredded polystyrene boxes, and some kind of shredded foil.
When I carefully opened the box and removed the item, I still got polystyrene particles and other junk all over my carpet and furniture. I'll have to vacuum to get rid of it all.
Here's the box once I pulled the game out:


By itself, the packaging isn't a huge deal, but all things being equal, I'd rather order a product online without having to run the vacuum cleaner after opening. 
I bought this guy as 'New In Box' with the intent of selling it to a collector. It's a neat game, with deep roots in the wargaming genre and high-quality artwork. 
It isn't sealed, and that's worrisome. 
I opened it up, and it has 12 boards full of counters you can punch of to play the game. Problem is, if you look at the manual, there are supposed to be 13.
The box is damaged, as well. 
We're not talking light corner wear from shelving or transit, either. The cardboard of the box is ripped, and it's the cardboard on the upper inside of THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE BOX... that's the interior wall, not the exterior wall. This thing had to have been opened, damaged, and closed back up again.

Obligatory picture:


For comparison, here is a less damaged corner:


When I was opening the game, 20 amber 6-sided dice spilled out onto my feet. Anyone board game enthusiasts happen to know how many dice this thing comes with when new?

Also, this game has a two inch gap when you box it up. I'll paste a pic below. Look at the bottom of the box to see what I'm talking about. I've seen a lot of board games and wargames, and I've never seen one where the top and bottom parts of the box don't almost meet in the middle. 
Pic of the box:

Anyone know if this is legit? It seems odd. Did some add-on pieces from another game get shoved in? 
Now, I could have read through their feedback and seen that another buyer of this same item had the exact same problem, but in my defense, you really shouldn't have to do that. 
Check out a feedback he was left previously: 

The box was damaged . And the description said that the item was new & undamaged
abdul_bashur ( 40)   May-06-11 23:17
  TITAN - Board Game for 2 to 6 Players -NIB-NR- $11 S&H (#380330786685) US $15.74


Bad Boardgameseller! No cookie!
Here's a pic of the cookies you're not getting.