Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Honorable Mention For Creative Seller Name: Fenouil Books with Tracking Number

Many booksellers choose a name that will inspire confidence or win the hearts of consumers.
I've never seen one that mentioned their shipping practices before.
Note this seller's listing:

and here's his storefront link.

Solid feedback stats and all.
One weird thing is the book descriptions all end with some non-human-decipherable garbage, but if the feedback is good, I suppose it doesn't bother customers.

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn (Hardcover): Dust jacket missing............./ii

Creating Space: The Story of the Space Age Through Models: Apogee Books Space Series 24 (Paperback): Clean....................../4

American National Government and Politics in the Economy: Aprimer of American Political Economy (Paperback): Underlining with pencil on some pages.........................../7

Maybe the numbers are shelf numbering? I wonder why you'd mix Roman (ii) and Arabic (4) numbering systems, though.
Honorable mention to you, Fenouil Books with Tracking Number.
Keep up the good feedback, and you won't get any 'No Cookies' !

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, if they get the money they're asking for this book they're a VERY GOOD bookseller, and I'll send them a cookie.

Today, in the high-priced book category we have Amazon's SDSU_Books.
I would assume they were South Dakota State University, but since they say they ship from California, probably not. The university's bookstore would probably have more than the 4 feedback they have as well.

Here's the book:

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Money, Banking and Financial Markets (Paperback)

by Stephen G. Cecchetti


And here's their listing:

+ $3.99shipping
Used - Very Good

Notice the low, low price of $87,564,320,112.99 and $3.99 in shipping. You'd think they'd thrown in the shipping for free at that price, but maybe Amazon won't let them.

There is another problem with this listing, but it's more Amazon's fault than theirs.
The book in question is a McGraw Hill international edition. If you blow up the picture of the book by clicking on it at its Amazon page, you'll notice that it says, "This International Student Edition is for use outside of the U.S."
Amazon shouldn't have a catalog page for items like this, and has banned third-party sellers in the past for listing these. The look of the page leads me to believe that Amazon, not a third-party seller created the page. It's got a bunch of reviews, and they're not from yesterday, so this listing has been around for a while.
Here's a link to the product page for this item.

Student Actor Doesn't Understand Why You Can't Sell Photocopies Of Sheet Music On Amazon!

Bad Seller, No Cookie goes out to Amazon's apgilmore today.
Here's the product:

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Grease (Vocal Score) (Paperback)

by Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey

for the record, you can find this by searching for 088188023X in the search field at the top of Amazon's front age.

Here's the listing:

Alright folks, that's all for now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Even Booksellers Get Nigerian Scammers!

I got this email today. 

Subject: BOOKS
from John Coker
date Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 12:04 PM
subject BOOKS
Gooday am interested in your books i will need the list history books you have in store and there are price  your details concernng this item before proceeding with the payment. the method of Bank Check  Email back, if it still for sale.
I guarantee you this is a variant of the advance fee scam or perhaps the 'oops, I sent you a check too big, could you send some of the money back?' scam. 
I'd like to play with this guy like the guys over at this site do:

but since he may know where I sell, there's a small chance of feedback manipulation or identity theft or the like. If it was at one of my anonymous Hotmail accounts I keep just for registering at websites with, then we could have some fun. 
Check 419eater out, it's great for a laugh. I probably spent two hours reading the first time I ran across it, laughing the whole time. 
Anyone want to guess which scam this guy was running?