Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to not package International Shipments of Board Games

I got a couple of board games last week from an Amazon seller in Malaysia.
Previously, I ordered a bunch and they came in a sturdy UPS box. That was awesome.
This time, two of them came in bubble wrap and a UPS mailer.
Check the packaging before I open it:


Not encouraging, but okay. It might be fine inside.
I peel off the UPS materials.

On gfirst glance, we might still be okay.
I look closer, though, and pull off the bubble wrap. Notice the bulge on the top edge of that side?


Okay. Here's another view of it:

Notice that the damage goes all the way through to the cardboard of the box. You could actually touch the exposed cardboard of the box *through* the bubble wrap.
Moral of the story:
Use a cardboard box, or three or more layers of bubble wrap when shipping any board game anywhere.
In defense of this seller, one of the two items sent was fine aside from slightly rounded corners to the cardboard of the box and looking at their feedback.. the last time they had a complaint about shipping damage that resulted in non-positive feedback was early November, and it looks like they sell at least 100 units per month.