Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amazon UK Can't Pack For Crap

Ordered a bunch of books directly from Amazon UK.
Apparently there's some European Union regulation or another that suggests they use thinner, weaker boxes in the Amazon UK operation than would be found elsewhere.
Seriously, though, there are $700 worth of books in this stupid box, and look at the condition it arrived in.
You notice the little plastic zip tie things on the package?
That's not normal. The box blew up on the US Postal Service and they had to reinforce it.
This is not the fault of the USPS. All carriers, UPS and FedEx included, beat the crap out of your parcels.
That happens about half of the time when I order multiple books from any of Amazon's EU-zone subsidiaries.
My luck's better when I order individual pieces. The cardboard bookfolds they show up in have never blown up, although heavier titles get the occasional corner bump.

Bad Bookseller Amazon UK! Bad! No scone! 

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