Friday, August 26, 2011

Bad Touchpad Seller onSale aka MacMall! No Cookie!

Today our bad marketplace seller was selling the HP Touchpad. It isn't a book, but it does make a decent E-Book reader, especially if you are a fan of classic out-of-copyright literature.
For those that haven't been following things, Hewlett-Packard discontinued the Touchpad and decided to sell off its personal computer business, pretty much all on the same day.
As a result, the nice version of the Touchpad with 32 GB went from being a $600 device to being a $150 device.
This took it from being a moderately-priced gadget with an uncertain target market to being a really, really good deal in the mind of many consumers.
Well, apparently at least one seller decided to mark the device down to $150 on Amazon, make a whole bunch of sales and then cancel them. I'm not sure if they were welching on the good deal they gave people, or just had a blind guy that couldn't count doing inventory in the back room.
Here's their self-description on Amazon, proving they're big enough to know better:

About Seller
About onSale onSale is a brand of MacMall, the #1 Apple Direct Reseller in the US.  We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of PC Mall, Inc., established in 1987.  With annual sales of $1.13 billion, we are publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange  (NASDAQ: MALL).    onSale is dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We provide a standard of customer service you have come to expect from and its marketplace vendors.  onSale offers great deals and rapid response delivery on a wide selection of brand new notebooks, desktops, software, accessories and peripherals like storage, monitors, routers and more.   All products are fully backed by authorized manufacturer warranties.  We also offer low prices on manufacturer certified refurbished products.  onSale has achieved the highest level of technical certification and sales authorizations from the world's most important technology companies, including HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and many more.

Anyway, now they're at 80% negative for 30 days. Ouchy. That is just about 6000 negs in that period.
Bad not-a-Bookseller! No Cookies!
Here are the cookies you're not getting, onSale! Normally folks I roast on this blog are only shown the one cookie they're not getting, but I'm giving  these guys more than one to look at but not have. I guess they deserve it based on volume.

Take a look at onSale and their wrecked Amazon feedback:

Feedback Rating: 
3.7 stars over the past 12 months (20267 ratings)

Feedback30 days90 days365 daysLifetime

Recent Feedback:
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1 out of 5: "Order was cancelled without any reason" 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: pei c.
1 out of 5: "Ordered within five minutes of TouchPad price going live. Not only was my order canceled FOUR DAYS later, but other people who ordered later still received the product. Ridiculous." 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Vincent L.
1 out of 5: "Canceled my item! " 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Ball3r900
1 out of 5: "No star" 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Ankur G.
1 out of 5: "You don't sell what you don't have in stock. Is it really that hard to figure that? Horrible company" 
Date: August 28, 2011     Rated by Buyer: David R

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