Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This buyer clearly only eats at Denny's; No Cookie Needed

For today's Bad Bookseller installment, we take you to an amateur Amazon seller who goes by the name ChefLizzyRose.
Here is her feedback:
3.7 stars over the past 12 months (11 ratings, 73% positive)

Sellers with 11 feedback and 73% positive aren't a good thing, but the feedback stat, in and of itself, doesn't make for a worthwhile blog entry.
However, some of the feedback and responses are amusing.

Here is the most recent feedback:

1 out of 5: "Ordered item, but order was canceled because item was "out of stock." When I checked back on the Amazon site, though, the item in question was still listed for sale. Seller does not seem to keep track of what he or she is selling on Amazon."
Date: February 19, 2011     Rated by Buyer: Kenji H.

Seller Response: "By immediately letting you know the item was out of stock constitutes keeping track of what is being sold. Amazon site takes up to 15 minutes to update when something is changed. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Have a wonderful day."     Date: February 27, 2011

My remarks: 
If you really had been keeping up with with what was sold, you would not have had a stock-out to begin with.
If Lizzy had a walk-in store and advertised shelf stock on Amazon, she might have an argument. The 12-month feedback count of 11 pretty much tells you that we're not dealing with a full-fledged business, though. Feedback gets left for maybe 1 transaction in 10, so we're talking about an enterprise that only has to track 3 sales per week.

Here is another negative, with a response that speaks to the seller's business sense:

2 out of 5: "Never received item, mis-represented as a canister when she told me after the fact, they were packets."
Date: August 21, 2010     Rated by Buyer: CityGirl
Seller Response: "Refunded both of this persons items. So not only are they a cheat they are a liar too. Sellers beware. Amazon has does nothing to protect us sellers."     Date: September 3, 2010

My remarks:
What is the cheating here? The buyer ordered an item, did not receive it and received a refund.
Did you think that paying them the refund money binds them into some kind of contract that keeps them from leaving you a neg?
If just accepting a return and refunding the money bought you good feedback, then no one would have any negs.
If the buyer defrauded you somehow, you need to explain yourself. Otherwise you wind up looking like a ninny.

Here is the good one:

1 out of 5: "First of all I never got either of my products. I find out that the picture is of a canister and she sent the box which is misleading. No tracking. Nothing. She did refund one of my items but not the other. Horrible..."
Date: August 3, 2010     Rated by Buyer: CityGirl
Seller Response: "This buyer clearly only eats at Denny's and is able to order from only the menu with pictures. My products always have a description that is accurate. This buyer has also been reported to Amazon. Sellers beware!"     Date: August 3, 2010

My remarks:
Really? You're complaining that a customer needs to have pictures in order to know what they're ordering?
Amazon lets you upload dozens of pictures and illustrations of your product. Amazon lets you make new catalog pages; you can make a catalog page with whatever title you need, write a 10-paragraph description of the product and upload beautiful full-color photos of any aspect of the thing.
Bad seller!
No Cookie for you, ChefLizzyRose!

PS- If you ever wind up reading this post, could you please post a comment explaining what the fraud was in relation to the August 21 feedback above? I tried to figure it out, but it was making my brain want to explode.

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