Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad Bookseller and Jeff Bezos! No Cookie!

Today, our bad bookseller is Amazon UK.
Several hundred dollars worth of new books were ordered from Amazon UK.
This is how they showed up.
This is the second box that showed up looking like this.


  1. Yeah, euro-cartons are terrible. They look like they've been made out of soggy newspapier-maché, maybe suitable for a piñata meant to get busted open after a couple of whacks but for transatlantic purposes...mmmm, no.

    On my one trip to Paris I remember seeing a pallet of cartons that had been delivered to some shop and every carton looked like the one in your pictures. I want to say that some of those cartons were held together with twisted ropes of knotted plastic bags but it was early in the morning and the café au lait may not have kicked in enough to make that memory reliable. We might not have universal health care in this country and our literacy rates might suck but, by god, we've got 90-lb test shipping cartons.

    What's your recourse with AZ-UK? Was there enough damage to make it worthwhile filing a claim? Were your books at least shrinkwrapped unto a corrugated cardboard flat so that their corners didn't get mashed? Think of it as job security. Without bad booksellers, there's no way that you'd be raking in the big bucks from your blog.

  2. Big bucks from my blog, huh?
    I'll let you all know when I retire to Cancun off of the ad sense revenue.
    In the boxeds pictured above, there was no cardboard with the books shrink wrapped to it or any other niceties. There were books, a little bit of brown painter's paper and a box.
    As to my recourse, I haven't attempted to file a claim or make a return. I bought the books inside because they were a really good deal, and even though some units were ordered NEW and arrived in GOOD+ condition, I still have no desire to send them back.
    I got these books for about 10% of market value.
    This is a big part of the frustration with bad booksellers. If I filed as many A-Z claims and demanded as many refunds as I'm entitled to, I'd get kicked off of every website you can buy books on.